How to do employment law differently: Driving down costs for clients and empowering lawyers

After 20 years as an employment lawyer, I thought: “there must be more to working life than this.” (i.e. ever increasing hours; ever increasing fee rates and ever increasing disgruntlement among staff). I also thought: “if, as someone who advises on the law of work, I can’t figure out a better way of working, then I can’t be much of an employment lawyer.”

The result is Constantine Law, a thoroughly modern law firm, providing employment and business immigration advice to corporate clients.

2017 Election result: will the Conservatives have to water down their immigration policy?

In the run up to the election, the Conservatives promised to be tough on immigration law. So, will the election result impact have any real impact on their immigration agenda and what are the likely implications for businesses in the UK? Caroline Glacken of Constantine Law compares the promises of each party.