United States

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John Hayes, Christopher Tutton and Suzette Scott have many years of experience in advising US owned businesses in the technology, financial services and industrials sectors.

They are advising US businesses on the impact of GDPR in the US. We are adept at explaining UK employment law principles such as Unfair Dismissal and TUPE to US businesses.

We provide very direct, responsive and commercial advice which is valued by US management teams.  

US Law firms:

All solicitors in Constantine Law provide high-level employment law due-diligence support for a host of US law firms. This is work which we carry out on a weekly basis for some of the leading firms in America. References are available upon request.

Some case studies can be read here. 

Examples of FDI-related work for US businesses are available upon request from John, Chris or Suzette.  

John is also a member of the American Bar Association (Labor law division) and attends their events in the US.