Client Training

At Constantine Law, we deliver highly effective, bespoke, client training – frequently in the
form of “lunch and learns” which are interactive. We can provide some powerful testimonials and a list of our client training offerings are below:

1. Restrictive Covenants and Team Moves - Update for Employers

To focus on…

  • Key terms in the employment contract

  • Express terms & implied terms

  • Duty of fidelity and fiduciary duties

  • Latest trends in restrictive covenant cases

  • How to enforce, and how to run, an injunction case

  • Disclosure obligations & evidential issues

  • The cost of enforcement and what remedies can be obtained

  • Success stories

  • Bad outcomes: if it goes wrong…


2. LLPs and Partners: Strategies for Exits and Hires

To focus on…

  • Key terms of the LLP Agreement

  • Fiduciary obligations and duties of good faith

  • Restrictive covenant update

  • How to enforce: how to run an injunction case

  • Business plans and working with recruiters

  • Disclosure obligations & evidential Issues

  • Importance of privilege

  • Leavers and joiners protocols


3. Update on Business Immigration and Brexit

To focus on…

  • The impact of Brexit on business

  • Brexit: the story so far

  • Future of UK employment law

  • The Great Repeal Bill

  • Future of UK immigration

  • Who can stay in the UK post Brexit?

  • Immigration, post Brexit

  • Tier 2 applications and staffing for success


4. Employment Law for Corporate Lawyers – TUPE Update

To focus on…

  • Common deal scenarios

  • Problem spotting: people issues for employment and corporate lawyers to consider

  • TUPE Update

  • Negotiating warranties and indemnities

  • Share Purchase Agreements & Asset Purchase Agreements

  • Potential liabilities and Employment Tribunal claims


5. Advice for Start-ups: How to Recruit High-Performing Teams

To focus on…

  • Aligning people culture with strategic overall objectives

  • Incentives: pay and other benefits

  • The importance of equality principles

  • Getting the right Board and NEDs

  • Aligning IT policy with business protection principles

  • Understanding and enforcing restrictive covenants

  • Measuring success


6. Equal Opportunity Training for Employers

To focus on…

  • The importance of culture and values

  • The statutory framework – the Equality Act 2010

  • Express and implied terms

  • The ACAS Codes

  • Cost and conduct of litigation

  • Harassment at work and the #MeToo agenda


7. GDPR and Protecting Business Information

To focus on…

  • How to conduct a data audit: and use of spreadsheets

  • Privacy notices: for staff and hires

  • Review of commercial contracts

  • Amending HR Policies and employment contracts

  • Data security and breach reporting

  • Training, review and “ownership”


8. Employment Status: Especially for Recruitment, “Gig Economy” and Construction Firms

To focus on…

  • The meaning of “employee”, “worker” and “self-employed”

  • Key statutory and common law tests

  • The latest case law position – the rise of “worker status.”

  • The liabilities which arise from “worker” and “employment” status

  • Specific industries: agency workers, CIS workers, gig economy

  • The Government’s plans for these sectors: The Taylor Report Thorny Issues: IR35, NICs liabilities, holiday pay.


We will also design and deliver additional employment law training, upon request.

Please contact us for further information.