Checking identity documents for all non-UK employees - Omer Simjee delivers Business Forums International (BFI) workshop

In conjunction with Business Forums International (BFI), on Thursday 18 October, Constantine Law Partner Omer Simjee delivered a practical workshop on 'right to work' legal issues.

With over ten years insight as an immigration lawyer, Omer has built a strong reputation in helping clients plan ahead to deal with Brexit-related issues. Organisations which fail to effectively check a non-UK employee’s documentation face a £20,000 fine.

Along with co-presenters Ian Westwood and Paul Leadbetter, Omer drilled deep into the essential legal issues to consider from an immigration perspective;

  • What are the consequences of getting documentation verification wrong?

  • Understanding your obligations to prevent illegal working- what documents do you need to see and retain?

  • A summary of the different work routes available to non-EEA nationals

  • Some tricky areas including students’ right to work, agency workers/contractors and what to do if you discover an employee does not have the right to work

  • Working within the law- avoiding contravention of discrimination legislation

  • Record keeping obligations for sponsors

  • Issues around recording and storing data that you must be aware of

This essential full day course runs throughout the year at locations across the country. Employers should contact the BFI directly to take part.