Our Values

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By eliminating most of the fixed costs of traditional firms we are able to radically reduce our charge out rates, for clients. We charge out at 60% of the cost of rival firms. Please contact the partners for further details. The whole purpose of Constantine Law is that the client benefits from us having re-engineered how employment law services are delivered.


We use cloud based computing and SaaS to enable our lawyers to deliver advice to clients. We meet our clients in their offices or in London’s leading business meeting place, the Clubhouse ; or the Colmore Building in Birmingham. All of our core support services are outsourced to leading specialists: marketing, IT, CRM and PA support). We don’t believe in carrying expensive offices or support departments. The cost savings of agile working are passed on to our clients.


All of our lawyers are: (a) senior; and (b) highly entrepreneurial. They are incentivised to respond to client demands immediately. We will live and breathe your business.


If you are a senior employment lawyer who shares our values are are looking for a fresh challenge please get in touch.