Partnership Advice and Disputes

We advise LLPs and individual partners on their obligations under LLP Agreements, strategic advice concerning client retention and restrictive covenants and related Retirement Deeds, or disputes including High Court litigation. We also work with, and advise, various legal recruiters providing advice to them as clients and as a referral support for their candidates.  

Our Services

  • Strategic advice to LLPs on latest restrictive covenant trends and creation of "Leaver's Protocol" and "Joiners Protocol"

  • Amendments to the LLP Agreement and identifying gaps and weaknesses as well as best practice re: business protection.

  • Assisting LLPs with the recruitment of new partners and advice to those partners, where necessary.

  • Analysis of the LLP Agreement and reporting on the main provisions for the benefit of exiting partners.

  • Assisting exiting partners with considerations around fiduciary obligations, restrictive covenants and remuneration retention.

  • Delivery of bespoke "lunch and learns" to legal recruiters in order to equip their recruitment consultants with a greater appreciation of restrictive covenant issues.

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Case Studies 

  • Strategic training to the Exec Co of a silver circle law firm on latest restrictive covenants issues, for partners, and best practice under the LLP Agreement so as to protect the client base of that firm.

  • Designing a "leaver's protocol" for one of London's most reputable and longest standing firms and related advice to the Exec Co and amendments to the LLP Agreement.

  • Advising various departing partners on the practical implications they face on leaving law firms, including consideration of restrictive covenants and remuneration retention.

Get in Touch 

If you would like further information on partnership advice then please contact John Hayes  on T: + 44 (0)203 696 8230

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