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Why I Joined Constantine Law?   
Caroline Glacken, Senior Associate

I joined Constantine Law because I wanted to be part of a rapidly growing employment and business immigration practice which was offering something genuinely new to clients by working off a novel, agile platform.  I took a risk in joining a new firm, as its first hire, but I was pleased that I did so because we have continued to hire a number of really good, experienced lawyers. I explain below my experience of working in Constantine Law.

I had worked with John Hayes and seen him grow a high-performing team, in the past. We had worked on a number of interesting cases together, particularly in the area of business competition and restrictive covenants. I also knew that John had a strong sense of what makes a modern law firm successful.  Constantine Law gave me a unique opportunity to be involved in the creation of a leading new employment law firm and brand.  I have been involved in the journey from the outset and this has allowed me to play a part in defining the message and culture of Constantine Law.

I have been given high quality work and interesting work, throughout and particularly in the area of restrictive covenant (injunctive relief) work.  I am the lead lawyer with a number of our retainer clients to build good relationships and provide advice across all their day to day employment and immigration issues. Our agile working platform means that I charge, on average 30% less to our clients than I did in my previous firm.

My Working Week

A typical working week will see me delivering senior employment and business immigration advice remotely, using cloud-based IT. I am part of an agile team, based throughout the country. We work in a highly collaborative way: winning work and passing it to each other.

The week starts with a dial-in on Monday morning which is very much a grab and go discussion of who needs what support, and how, during the week to come. We have monthly business development meetings, using an efficient CRM system, Insightly. We also work together on our files to ensure consistency and highly responsive turnaround times. This approach means that we can all support each other, day to day, to ensure that client service remains paramount to everything that we do.

Working in a firm like Constantine Law is more empowering.  The working relationship I have with the partners is built on a foundation of trust.  I also don’t have to meet huge chargeable hours targets in order to demonstrate my value to the firm.  We can all log on remotely so I can manage my workload effectively and still find time to enjoy myself. I have been able to plan to work remotely from places like France and Greece to ensure that deadlines are met and I can also get the most out of my annual leave. It’s not for everyone: you must be self-motivated and highly entrepreneurial.  However, working in a modern, truly agile environment not only prioritises the client experience, it allows us lawyers a better work experience too.

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