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Why I Joined Constantine Law?
Omer Simjee, Partner

I joined Constantine Law because I wanted to bring my clients to a truly agile, modern firm. I explain below my experience of working in Constantine Law.

I wanted to continue to provide my clients with expert employment and business immigration solutions, at a sustainable price point. Our team is truly agile, based throughout the country.  Up to date IT solutions mean that I can log on remotely, or from my dedicated workspace in Birmingham, and manage my workload effectively.  Our agile working platform means that I charge, on average 30% less than I did in my previous firm.

As an entrepreneurial partner, working in a firm like Constantine Law rewards me for winning and doing work and for providing work to the team.  I take home a significant portion of the fees I invoice.  I am also able to strike a happy work/life balance and spend more time with my young family. 

I am self-employed and work the hours that suit me and my clients. We all work together to ensure consistency and highly responsive turnaround times and place the client experience at the heart of our work.  

My Working Week

A typical working week will see me meeting with new and existing clients. Our model means that we can meet where I work in Birmingham or I can take the time to go to client offices.  I deliver expert employment and immigration advice to a raft of clients from many different sectors. The week starts with a dial-in on Monday morning and we also have monthly business development meetings.  How I structure the remainder of my time is up to me. 

To work in Constantine Law as a partner requires a future facing, entrepreneurial outlook. We work in a highly collaborative way: winning work and passing it to each other.

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Omer Simjee Describes why He Joined Constantine Law