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Discipline, grievance and investigations

Disciplinary and grievance procedures can be highly contentious and are often the prelude to litigation. They can also be a huge distraction from the normal day-to- day running of the business. Knowing how to handle them effectively and robustly will mitigate risk and save significant management time.

Main contact

John Hayes


We can help your business by:

  • Providing strategic advice on how to handle disciplinary and or grievance procedures in compliance with best practice and any contractual and regulatory obligations.

  • Comprehensive support and advice when conducting robust internal investigations. We can either provide support so that you may conduct an investigation in-house or we can assist in out-sourcing investigations.

  • Advising on related exit negotiations and settlement.

Case study

  • Working with the legal and HR team of a financial services firm to conduct internal investigations into whistleblowing complaints and the new senior managers’ regime.

  • Advising an HR Director and Managing Director on conducting a combined disciplinary and grievance process relating to allegations of gross misconduct against an employee claiming to have been discriminated against on grounds of disability. Advised on the outcome of the procedures and negotiating an agreed settlement.

  • Strategic advice to the board of a financial services firm to investigate, discipline and ultimately exit a fellow board member following allegations of gross misconduct.

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