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We are approachable, smart and highly experienced regulatory law specialists working to protect your business, career and reputation. We care about our clients and the outcome.

We steer you and your business through rules and regulations, governance, compliance, cultural expectations and the pace of regulatory change, to reduce the risk of investigation, prosecution or reputational damage.

We advise professionals and businesses in their interactions with UK regulators with enforcement powers including accountancy and finance, legal and healthcare sectors. We are an experienced, versatile and cost-effective team who have worked in private practice, in-house for global financial institutions and with government authorities in the UK.

If possible, we like to be brought in early when things may need improving, assisting with internal investigations, advising on regulatory notifications, systemic risks, remediation programmes and engaging in an effective dialogue with regulators, to avoid matters deteriorating.

If the unexpected happens, and you or your business is facing investigation or enforcement action, we represent you from the first phone call through to a tribunal or Court hearing.

We make complex legal concepts simple and give practical, common-sense advice whether we are dealing with compliance projects, regulatory investigations and enforcement, or remediation and customer contact exercises.

Often keeping matters ‘under the radar’, we have been involved in many important financial crime and regulatory cases in the last decade.

Every client and matter is different. We build the right team for you and provide bespoke advice tailored to what you require or are facing.

Business Crime

We are friendly, smart and highly regarded criminal law specialists working at the cutting edge of the investigations space. We have been involved at the sharp end of many important financial crime and regulatory cases of the last decade.

We have understanding and insight of how the police and prosecuting authorities such as the Serious Fraud Office, Financial Conduct Authority, HM Revenue & Customs, the National Crime Agency (NCA) and the Competition & Markets Authority operate and what their current priorities are.

We give practical and strategic advice to limit the impact if you, your business or your senior executives or employees are at risk of or involved in a criminal investigation or prosecution. Our aim is to keep your matter, particularly if it is high profile or at risk of being reputationally damaging, under the radar.

You may be facing or be concerned about allegations such as fraud and false accounting, investment or benchmark fraud, bribery and corruption, insider dealing and market abuse, cartels and price- fixing, sanctions and money laundering, tax evasion or cheat, restraint and confiscation.

Every client and case is different. We build the right team of lawyers and forensic investigators for you and provide bespoke advice tailored to what you are facing. Criminal investigations are worrying, confusing, time-consuming and a disruptive distraction to business and home life – however they resolve. Whether your case is big or small, we want the best possible experience and care about the outcome for you.

Our clients are senior executives and employees as well as corporates. We have advised senior officials from Government, the police and public bodies.

So, whether you are a suspect, witness, victim or whistle-blower, we can help you. We are tactically astute, dedicated to your case, and have steely determination. We will explain your legal obligations and identify risks, we get to the point quickly, make complex issues simple, to manage the threat to your reputation and business. We are on your side and will advise you how to handle the entire process whilst providing pragmatic and realistic advice.

Whilst many of our cases are discontinued, if an investigation ends up in a prosecution we will assemble a strong defence team to represent you and present your case in Court – ensuring that we have ‘looked under every stone’ to ensure you are properly and thoroughly prepared to achieve the best possible outcome.

We know and work closely with many other lawyers in the UK and co-counsel with overseas lawyers if there are cross-border investigations in other jurisdictions (in particular Europe and the US).

Whilst we act for businesses, we often act for directors and senior executives who require separate ‘independent legal advice’ from their company.

We also work closely with our regulatory and employment law colleagues – particularly when there are whistleblowing, internal investigation, disciplinary or resignation issues to advise on. If there is a public law issue to challenge, say by way of judicial review, we can represent you in those proceedings too.


It’s important to get specialist advice as early as possible.


Get in touch with:


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and find out how we can help you.

Chambers 2019

…very engaged, very committed to the cases, creative and tries to find the right solution for clients

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