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Constantine Law is the leading partner consultant-led employment and regulatory firm. Members of our team speak of being “liberated”, “empowered” “free of politics”: they are happier, freer and earn more than at their previous firms. 


We are specialists in the law of work, and we market ourselves and win work on this basis. Our partner-hires are supported by highly-qualified associate/assistant solicitors and a 4x person PA team.


We are also not owned by a private-equity firm: our firm is run by specialist lawyers for the benefit of specialist lawyers, and their clients, so that you have everything required to deliver  an outstanding service to your clients. 

Once you’ve read our compelling proposition below, we’d like you to contact us in two ways:

  1. To book a call with John Hayes and he can explain more

  2. To allow us to send you a recruitment brochure

No other law firms in the UK offers this:

  • Outstanding Commission Package: A transparent connection between contribution and pay in terms of: (a) better percentages across the board than any other firm; and (b) a commission advance for the first 6 months to take the “pain” (or worry) out of joining. 


  • Full professional support: From a team of assistant and associate solicitors, employed by the firm: we offer a true “pyramid” to support your practice. And we have a PA team who will open files, do billing, assist with fee earning work (at our cost, not yours). 


  • Unrivalled support package: dedicated IT support, PLC comes as standard, ELA (other) membership, full compliance support, high-level press and comms support, full insurance cover. Free advice and assistance re: restrictive covenants. 


  • Collaborative Firm: Working in teams (i.e. with assistants/associates), weekly meetings and twice annual strategic away-days. A clear business development agenda for each solicitor. Our team describe us as the most collaborative firm they have ever worked in.


  • Active support for your “book”: In practice development. Working with team members to develop your client relationships. Across sectors and across specialisms.


  • Tax Advice: We provide tax modelling to joiners to explain the benefits to you and your family: the net benefits can be quite marked. Please don’t compare like-for-like: this is a different model and a better way of being remunerated. 


  • Live happier: People earn more, per hour, and have more times to do the things they want to do: there is less travel and more time to spend with family, friends, hobbies, self. 

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Joining is easy,
work from anywhere

We understand that the process of joining a law firm can be daunting and we deconstruct that process for you to make it as easy as possible. We do this as follows:


  • Full IT support: We will configure a lap-top and desk-top for you immediately. With good wi-fi you can work from anywhere. We provide full IT support during the working day from a leading IT-consultant. We use the leading cloud-based document management system (NetDocs) + Outlook 365 + time recording software.


  • Inception programme: Fully supported by our experienced PA team: broken-down and tailored to your needs. Partners can start productive work immediately.


  • Co-ordinated marketing “launch”: Each of our new partners has been “launched” with co-ordinated Linked In + Press campaign to maximise your marketing potential. 


  • Charge-out rates + Billing: partner-consultants set their own rates. Partners have total professional freedom. Our PAs raise and chase the bills. 


  • Full PA support: unlike other challenger firms, we meet the cost of PA support. You don’t have to buy-it on a per-hour basis. Our PA team have over 100 years of PQE between them. 


  • Facilities: Paid for use of the Clubhouse or an equivalent regional office/Document archiving and secure storage/active marketing support from a dedicated professional.


  • Know-how Training and CPD: Full PLC and Westlaw access. Access to firm precedents. Membership of ELA/ILPA/etc. 

Culture and Values

We had an away day. Everyone was invited and everyone spoke: partners, solicitors, PAs, support staff. 


We invited a brand-consultancy to gather the “essence” of Constantine Law. We agreed on our 4 core values and they mean something tangible for us:​


By which we provide solutions-orientated advice from experienced lawyers. What does this mean? Team members speak of becoming better lawyers (even after many years practice) because they are freed from meaningless admin and meetings to do what they love: deliver solutions for clients. Directness, or unmediated excellence, is therefore a core value. 


We are a modern law firm. We do deploy the latest cloud (and other) solutions to do law more effectively. For each of our core services we work with outstanding outsourced suppliers to deliver the best solution. The way we do business matters to us, and our clients, and we will continue to deploy the latest business solutions to meet the needs of the times.


By stripping-out fixed overheads we pass on the cost savings to our clients. Lawyers set their own rates and they are frequently somewhat lower than competitor firms. Our clients benefit from our modernity by paying less.


We work together, between ourselves and with our clients to get outstanding results. We have a weekly team meeting. We have away days. We don’t have politics. People are supported and valued. They are happier. Our people describe Constantine law as the best place they’ve ever worked.

John Hayes — Managing Partner

“If you are a net contributor to your firm, you will be better off here."

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