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At Constantine Law, we are looking to hire entrepreneurially focused employment lawyers, who have credible books of business advising employers. We have recently hired our 7th senior employment lawyer in just over 2 years. We have a compelling recruitment proposition. Please contact John Hayes and he can send you further details. We can demonstrate that our lawyers are financially better off and able to deliver a better service to their clients.

Please read a testimonial from Caroline Glacken to understand her perspectives on how the model works. You can also download our recruitment prospectus to learn more about how we operate.

John Hayes, Constantine Law
Describes Why You Should Join Constantine Law

Our Vision

We believe that the nature of work has changed considerably in recent years. While other industries have embraced change, the legal profession has been slow to do so. In particular, the current tech-led workplace revolution radically challenges the basis upon which traditional legal services are transacted. It is now possible to eliminate many of the fixed costs of traditional firms and pass on the reduction in firm-overheads to clients. To be clear: this has implications for (a) the way that services are delivered; and (b) an obligation to provide fairer and more transparent remuneration structure. Many law firms may say that they are moving to “agile working” but unless they change both (a) and (b) this is simply not correct. Many are locked into business models that are simply not sustainable in our view. 

How Do We Operate?

We work to a lean business model. We have negligible non-productive overhead (no bloated support departments or unproductive partners). We don’t carry fixed office costs: we are members of London’s leading business space The Club House and all of our key support functions (IT, PA/Admin, Marketing) are outsourced to specialists. As a result of these, we can offer a better service at a much more competitive rate than traditional law firms.

What We Offer Partners?

  • A refreshing approach to working; be that remote working / flexible hours

  • An attractive business model that pays a marginal rate of 66%+ take home to partners (as opposed to the traditional third/third/third model) and rewards employees with a 25% commission on new work that they bring in

  • No more micro-management and bureaucracy. You win work, you do work. Simple. Lawyers are empowered to deliver work quickly and are properly remunerated for doing so

  • An inspiring work culture far removed from traditional environments. We are genuinely “bottom up"

  • A work/life balance that will be the envy of peers without negatively impacting your take home pay

What We Look For? 

  • You must have a credible book of business

  • You must be “go getting” and business focused

  • You will be happy working within an agile business model, working remotely, meeting clients in a professional working space

  • You want to work collaboratively with the team

  • You believe in a lean working model, so that cost savings are passed on to your clients (and they remain your clients)


The bottom line is that all of our solicitors are evangelical about working for Constantine Law. Two years ago we started with me and we now have 6 senior people and others are under offer. It is a better way to service clients and to live a healthy life but it is not for the faint-hearted. 

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“If you are a net contributor to your firm, you will be better off here.”

— John Hayes, Constantine Law

Join Us

If you are interested in working in our agile business model, please contact John Hayes on +44 (0)203 696 8230 or  Contact Us. You can also download our recruitment prospectus which outlines some of the key benefits of working with Constantine Law.