Employment Litigation

Even the most well-run businesses face litigation in the Employment Tribunal or Civil Courts; litigation which can be very costly and a huge drain on management time. Having expert representation will greatly improve the outcome you achieve, whether it is forcing the other side to withdraw or settle their claim or obtaining a judgment in your favour.

Our Services

We can help through:

  • Expert advice on litigation strategies and tactics.

  • Representation on all types of employment-related disputes in the Employment Tribunal or Civil Courts including:

    • unfair dismissal;

    • wrongful dismissal;

    • breach of contract;

    • discrimination; and

    • whistleblowing.

  • Experienced tribunal advocacy from one of our team.

  • Highly effective representation at mediation.

Case Studies

  • Defending an outsourcing company against a claim for large bonus payments brought by two senior employees. Filing counter-claims and securing a very successful outcome at mediation.

  • Successfully defending a regulated business against equal pay litigation brought by a senior female actuary. The employee’s claim was defeated in the Employment Tribunal and her appeals to the Employment Appeal Tribunal and Court of Appeal were also unsuccessful.

  • Successfully defending four consultant doctors accused of racially discriminating against a colleague. The claim was defeated at the Employment Tribunal and the decision was supported by the Court of Appeal following an appeal by the Claimant.

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