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Lean lawyers for lean times

We are an agile and modern law firm. What does this mean? It means that we can meet the demands of these challenging times when businesses and employees can be under severe stress. 


It means we have reduced overheads so that we can charge out more competitively and flexibly than our competitors so that you, the client, benefit.  It also means that our clients have more direct access to our senior lawyers than competitor firms and that our partner-consultants are supported in the work they do by fantastic associate solicitors. We resource work at the right level, at all times. 

Stripping-out fixed over heads means:


  • We don’t carry a lease: you won’t pay for the atrium - but we will meet you at very smart, outsourced offices or a client’s office

  • We don’t carry any unnecessary support departments: but we do source outstanding specialist suppliers in IT/Finance/PR/Admin/know-how/Compliance. All from the best in the business

  • Charging is geared around the needs of the client and is totally transparent: not the demand for increased “PEP” (profit per equity partner). And we never “over-lawyer”

  • We always adopt latest best practice: whether the latest cloud-based document management system, or online financial platforms or online completion of documents – its about the relentless pursuit of improvement


Ultimately, its about driving down cost and putting the client first

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