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Money Laundering

Whether you are an individual or corporate, operating in the money laundering regulated sector or not, we can guide you through the money laundering regime from an AML compliance perspective or advise if you are concerned you may be in breach of the offences or regulations.

We also advise if your regulator has commenced an enquiry and requests information from you or if you are under investigation for money laundering offences. We deal regularly with regulators and law enforcement.

From a compliance perspective, we advise on all aspects – such as drafting internal policies or if you need to design, review or improve your internal AML and financial crime systems and controls, as well as training programs or assisting with customer due diligence.


Finally if you suspect money laundering, we can advise you on your reporting obligations and how manage the risk of ‘tipping off’.

Our Experience

  • Advised former investment banker prosecuted for money laundering in Germany and successfully arguing charges to be discontinued on jurisdictional grounds.

  • Acted for a senior executive under investigation by SOIK (Danish Prosecutor) into allegations of money laundering against Danske Bank, and in relation to investigations by US authorities.

  • Acted for a former senior executive of medical device manufacturer under investigation by the Greek authorities in relation to allegations of fraud and money laundering.

  • Advised a number of non-executive directors of a money transfer business in connection with an investigation into suspected money laundering.

  • Advised a UK regulated solicitors firm as to potential criminal offences committed by the firm and taking steps towards remediation, including the filing of a SAR.

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