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We make it our business to protect yours.

We are one of the best restrictive covenants firms in the UK. 


Many of our lawyers are industry leaders in this area of the law and we can give you numerous testimonials of successful outcomes. We regularly achieve injunctions for clients in the High Court to protect their legitimate business interests. We are also retained by a number of employers to assist with their hiring-strategies (jointly advising the new-hire and corporate client).

Advice for Employers

Our advice extends to:


  • Obtaining High Court injunctions for corporate clients: moving quickly and cost effectively to secure the best possible outcome for the client to protect your legitimate business interest.

  • Working with the best barristers: to achieve the best possible outcomes for clients at sensible fee-rates. 

  • Best practice on hiring strategies: including speaking to the new hire and maximising return on investment as regards their restrictive covenants.

  • Managing legal costs: including securing solutions short of litigation, including Undertakings. 

  • Drafting robust contracts: Working with key stakeholders to draft bespoke contracts and covenants to protect legitimate business interests

  • “Lunch and learns” on restrictive covenant issues and development of a “Hiring and Exit Tool-kit with the client (quotes available on request). 

Advice for Employees: 

Some of our best clients started out this way...

Our advice involves:


  • Strategic advice on how to set up a new business 

  • Analysis of current restrictive covenants, their enforceability and practical effect

  • What to say to fellow team members and clients 

  • Guidance in response to letters of claim from a previous employer

  • Advice in relation to Undertakings and contractual guidance

  • Full support in High Court proceedings including cost benefit analysis in terms of legal costs. 

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