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Restructuring and Redundancies

In the current economic climate, businesses are undergoing a huge challenge to maintain profitability and operating efficiency. The ability to effectively restructure your workforce is critical to meeting commercial objectives and managing overheads.

Main contacts

Suki Harrar

Alan Lewis

We can help your business by providing comprehensive support and advice on restructuring and redundancy programs. This includes advice and support on:

  • collective redundancy issues, such as ‘establishment’ and employee representation;

  • selection pools and evidence-based assessment criteria;

  • redundancy payments and their tax treatment;

  • alternative cost-saving solutions to redundancies;

  • changing terms and conditions of employment

Case study

  • Advising on the restructuring of the regional operations of a national construction and utilities service provider including overlapping employment and agency worker issues and selection processes.

  • Advising on the large-scale reorganisation of a UK workforce, involving the creation of new roles and career paths and the implementation of significant changes to terms and conditions.

  • Advising a multi-site engineering and construction business on the implications of a business transfer scenario for a predominantly agency worker, workforce.

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