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Employment Law Training

Employment law is a fast-developing area of law and businesses face the dual challenge of keeping up to date with key developments and equipping staff with the practical tools and know-how to respond to them.

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Suki Harrar

Alan Lewis

We help your organisation through:

Bespoke training which is interactive, practical and fun. It delivers lasting value by enabling clients to handle a variety of legal issues themselves.

We develop our training jointly with clients so that it meets their needs and reflects their specific culture and values. Training topics can therefore be designed to suit your circumstances, but topics we frequently deliver training on include:

  • Performance Improvement

  • Managing Sickness Absence

  • Conducting Disciplinaries and Grievances

  • Collective Redundancies

  • Senior Managers Regime

  • TUPE and Outsourcing

  • Social Media Pitfalls

  • Data Subject Access Requests

  • Diversity in the Workplace

Training can be tailored for your frontline staff, line managers or your HR or legal teams.Our training can be delivered in a variety of formats to suit you, and is available on a fixed cost basis.

Case study

  • Training an HR team on the impact of TUPE and using case studies to illustrate the practical steps involved in a TUPE transfer;

  • Delivering a half-day performance management training session to line managers. Through group exercises and interactive workshops, managers were given practical tips and tools to improve performance in their teams;

  • Working with Private Equity houses to deliver training on restrictive covenants and business protection issues to their investee companies.

Alan Lewis


Legal advice privilege

Restrictive Covenants and Team Moves - Update for Employers

To focus on…

  • Key terms in the employment contract

  • Express terms & implied terms

  • Duty of fidelity and fiduciary duties

  • Latest trends in restrictive covenant cases

  • How to enforce, and how to run, an injunction case

  • Disclosure obligations & evidential issues

  • The cost of enforcement and what remedies can be obtained

  • Success stories

  • Bad outcomes: if it goes wrong…

LLPs and Partners: Strategies for Exits and Hires

To focus on…

  • Key terms of the LLP Agreement

  • Fiduciary obligations and duties of good faith

  • Restrictive covenant update

  • How to enforce: how to run an injunction case

  • Business plans and working with recruiters

  • Disclosure obligations & evidential Issues

  • Importance of privilege

  • Leavers and joiners protocols

Update on Business Immigration and Brexit

To focus on…

  • The impact of Brexit on business

  • Brexit: the story so far

  • Future of UK employment law

  • The Great Repeal Bill

  • Future of UK immigration

  • Who can stay in the UK post Brexit?

  • Immigration, post Brexit

  • Tier 2 applications and staffing for success

Employment Law for Corporate Lawyers – TUPE Update

To focus on…

  • Common deal scenarios

  • Problem spotting: people issues for employment and corporate lawyers to consider

  • TUPE Update

  • Negotiating warranties and indemnities

  • Share Purchase Agreements & Asset Purchase Agreements

  • Potential liabilities and Employment Tribunal claims

Advice for Start-ups: How to Recruit High-Performing Teams

To focus on…

  • Aligning people culture with strategic overall objectives

  • Incentives: pay and other benefits

  • The importance of equality principles

  • Getting the right Board and NEDs

  • Aligning IT policy with business protection principles

  • Understanding and enforcing restrictive covenants

  • Measuring success

Equal Opportunity Training for Employers

To focus on…

  • The importance of culture and values

  • The statutory framework – the Equality Act 2010

  • Express and implied terms

  • The ACAS Codes

  • Cost and conduct of litigation

  • Harassment at work and the #MeToo agenda

GDPR and Protecting Business Information

To focus on…

  • How to conduct a data audit: and use of spreadsheets

  • Privacy notices: for staff and hires

  • Review of commercial contracts

  • Amending HR Policies and employment contracts

  • Data security and breach reporting

  • Training, review and “ownership”

Employment Status: Especially for Recruitment, “Gig Economy” and Construction Firms

To focus on…

  • The meaning of “employee”, “worker” and “self-employed”

  • Key statutory and common law tests

  • The latest case law position – the rise of “worker status.”

  • The liabilities which arise from “worker” and “employment” status

  • Specific industries: agency workers, CIS workers, gig economy

  • The Government’s plans for these sectors: The Taylor Report Thorny Issues: IR35, NICs liabilities, holiday pay.

We will also design and deliver additional employment law training, upon request.

Please contact us for further information.

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