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Advice for individuals:

We fight for your rights

All of our employment lawyers advise employees and workers on claims for unfair dismissal, breach of contract, Equality Act claims and whistleblowing claims (this is not an exhaustive list). Every week, we achieve outstanding results for our clients, and many are prepared to provide glowing testimonials and some anonymised feedback is below. 


We are very cost-conscious and we work with individuals to achieve cost-effective legal solutions to their workplace issues. 


We believe the best way of showcasing our results are through case studies,  you can find these here

The type of cases we typically do for workers and employees are as follows:

  • Advice for partners and solicitors leaving law firms: including advising on desirable exit strategies

  • Advice in relation to Settlement Agreements (big and small)

  • Advice in relation to internal investigations and the regulatory consequences of such investigations: our employment and regulatory teams working together to provide “joined up” solutions

  • Advice regarding unfair dismissal and constructive dismissal claims whether for redundancy, performance, capability or other reasons

  • Claims under the Equality Act 2010: including in relation to sex, race, disability, age, faith or any other protected characteristic 

  • Whistleblowing claims: including the detriments and other prejudices suffered by whistleblowers and applications for interim relief and reinstatement 

  • Workplace Grievances: advising on detailed grievances for employees and helping employees through that process

  • Workplace Disciplinaries: advising on disciplinary issues faced by employees and best practice guidance for managing the process 

  • Making Subject Access Requests: and Data Protection Act issues generally

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