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Outsourcing Transactions & TUPE

Solving the people issues arising on an outsourcing or business sale may be critical to realising the full commercial benefit. The notoriously complex TUPE regulations pose a particular challenge for businesses. They create additional consultation obligations, protect employment terms and limit the ability to make dismissals. However, with careful planning and expert advice at the outset you should still be able to achieve your commercial objectives.

Main contact

Alan Lewis


We can help your business by:

  • Conducting employment law due diligence on proposed outsourcings and transactions.

  • Drafting and negotiating employment provisions in a wide range of outsourcing and business sale agreements, including indemnity and warranty protection, entry and exit provisions, freezing provisions and wrong-pocket clauses.

  • Advising on the impact of TUPE and providing step-by- step guidance on how to manage a TUPE transfer.

  • Negotiating the terms of any exits or appointments of staff on completion.

  • Post-completion advice such as harmonisation of terms and collective redundancy exercises.

Case study

  • Advising on the employment implications of the acquisition of the UK’s largest SIPP business. Advising on the TUPE and collective redundancy issues which arose during integration.

  • Advising a private bank on the outsourcing of its IT function to an off-shore service provider. Providing a steps-plan for management of TUPE and collective redundancy obligations and negotiating employment provisions in the outsourcing agreement to ensure adequate commercial protection.

  • Comprehensive advice and guidance on conducting an intra-group TUPE transfer for a global listed property management firm. Drafting and negotiating employment provisions in the business purchase agreement and supporting post-completion integration, including harmonisation of employment terms.

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